The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing widespread global business and human rights-related impacts throughout mineral value chains. To keep the RMI stakeholder community informed on the global landscape related to the coronavirus, and the disruptions and opportunities relating to mineral value chains, we will be adding informative and practical content to this page.

RMI COVID-19 Impact Survey Results

The RMI conducted a survey to measure the impact the coronavirus outbreak is having on RMAP smelters, refiners and our upstream members around the world. It was administered three times; once per month, in April, May, and June 2020. View results from Survey 1 here, and results from Survey 2 here and Survey 3 here (with newly added extra questions on upstream due diligence impacts).

In the RMI’s continued effort to monitor COVID-19 impacts, a 4th survey was conducted to measure the impacts of COVID-19 one year after the initial outbreak. View results from the Survey 4 here.

RMI Assessment Extension Requests Due to COVID-19 Impacts

Should an RMI auditee experience delays or difficulties in confirming RMAP or DAP assessments, or proceeding with previously scheduled dates, due to COVID-19 impacts, please contact the RMI ( to receive RMAP COVID Impacts Inquiry Form. Once auditee submits completed form, RMI will assess if an extension can be granted. We are assessing requests on case by case basis, depending on Covid-19 situation in each region.

RMI Call to Action

During this trying time, the RMI encourages companies to take actions that will support their upstream supply chain partners and help safeguard critical due diligence activities and systems, this includes:

  • Reach out to see how your supply chains are doing and open the lines of communication with suppliers
  • Support supply chain partners – maintain supply chain due diligence expectations and offer support to address issues
  • Support small and medium-sized enterprises in mineral supply chains through loan guarantee programs and grants
  • Support efforts of on-the-ground initiatives (IMPACT, RCS Global Group / Better Mining, Artisanal Gold Council, etc.) by allocating funding to maintain due diligence processes and investments
  • Support community health and sanitation projects in mining communities
  • Foster the sustainable inclusion of responsible ASM projects into global supply chains
  • Activate humanitarian and emergency response networks to reduce the potentially devastating impacts of COVID-19 on ASM communities. Please see resources on COVID-19 impact on ASM below for more information.
  • Ensure a balance of maintaining integrity and flexibility in due diligence efforts during this period, taking into account government virus containment and mitigation measures, and impacts or delays to on on-the-ground risk assessments and audits
  • Help support auditees' assessments and upstream due diligence efforts by contributing to the RMI’s Audit Fund and Upstream Due Diligence fund. For more information please visit our Foundation webpage

RMI eLearning Academy

Visit the RMI’s eLearning Academy and training page for publicly available training sessions. Click here for access.


The RBA has published recommendations and resources related to responsible business conduct in company supply chains during the coronavirus outbreak to protect the rights and well-being of workers. View the document here.

Industry Links for COVID-19

The OECD COVID-19 Call to Action for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains put together by the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group of the implementation program for the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, of which RMI is a member, is available here

The OECD is compiling data, analysis, and recommendations on a range of topics to address the emerging health, economic and societal crisis, facilitate coordination, and contribute to the necessary global action when confronting this enormous collective challenge. Learn more here.

There is also a policy note on COVID-19 and Responsible Business Conduct available on the OECD’s RBC webpage (see new COVID-19 and RBC box).

The Civil Society Organizations that are part of the OECD Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group put out a complementary call to action to address impacts connected to COVID19: Emergency action needed for vulnerable artisanal and small-scale mining communities and supply chains available here

Additional International Resources on Covid-19

UNGC appeal

World Health Organization (WHO)

World Economic Forum (WEF) COVID Action Platform

Key provisions of international labour standards relevant to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak - ILO Standards and COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Resources on COVID-19 impact on ASM

ARM and Solidaridad: Blog article on COVID-19 impact on Colombia.

Artisanal Gold Council: Resources on Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) communities impacts, Gold price changes, Possible interventions and broader COVID-19 impacts.

Delve database: Delve has organized this dedicated COVID-19 space to share information and resources about the impacts on the ASM sector.

IMPACT: COVID-19 & ASM: Illicit Traders Cashing In on Vulnerable Miners in Conflict-Prone Areas.

Levin Sources: Blog series on COVID-19, including an initial analysis on ASM Covid-19 impacts and responsible sourcing.

Reuters: Subsistence miners lose out as coronavirus crushes local gold prices.