Recognized Standards or Programs

The RMI recognizes standards and activities that facilitate the fulfilment of the requirements of the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) and other RMI program requirements for eligible companies. The RMI Recognition Process defines the process and criteria utilized to review the policies, standards and activities of other schemes to determine partial or full recognition for purposes of meeting the requirements defined in the standards assessed through RMI’s program, including RMAP.

For detailed eligibility requirements, please refer to the full document here: RMI Recognition Process

The RMI Recognition Process covers the following:

  Supply Chain Scope Program Type Eligibility
1 RMAP - Upstream Upstream Mechanisms Recognition May be recognized to meet some or all of the upstream due diligence requirements under RMAP and covering any of the materials.
2 RMAP - Midstream Industry Assessment Programs              Cross-Recognition May be recognized to meet some or all of the RMAP requirements for smelters/refiners. RMI may recognize Industry Assessment Programs that are similar in scope, content, procedure, and purpose to the RMAP program.
3 Risk Readiness Assessment (RRA) –     Full supply chain Voluntary Standard Systems (VSS) Equivalency May be recognized to partially meet, meet, or exceed the industry norm for some or all issue areas of the Risk Readiness Assessment (RRA) and covering any of the materials included in the RRA.


Currently the RMI Recognizes: 

For more information on individual program types, please visit:

Upstream Assurance MechanismsRMAP Cross-Recognition of Industry Assessment Programs Voluntary Standard Systems (VSS)