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Active Facilities

Active facilities are those that have committed to undergo an RMAP assessment, completed the relevant documents, and scheduled the on-site assessment. These may be in the pre-assessment, assessment, or corrective-action phases of the assessment.

Conformant Facilities

Conformant facilities are those that have successfully completed an assessment against the applicable RMI standard. RMI assessments are backward-looking. The assessment evaluates facilities' due diligence systems and processes to conform with the RMI standards. It is not a material validation assessment. 

Assessment Cycle indicates the time period from the last assessment date to the next planned re-assessment date:

  • 1 Year – Standard assessment period for RMAP participants
  • 2 Years – Standard assessment period for DAP participants
  • 3 Years – Assessment period for smelters in a Risk-Based Audit Program and TI-CMC members

Cross-Recognized Facilities

Cross-recognized facilities are those that have successfully completed an independent, third-party assessment under a non-RMI standard. The standard must meet all requirements under the RMI Cross-Recognition Policy.

For more information, please visit the RMAP Cross-Recognition webpage.

Eligible Facilities

Eligible facilities are those that are able to undergo an RMI assessment based on the criteria in the applicable RMI standard. They include all points of the supply chain: upstream, pinch point, and downstream.

Inclusion on the Eligible Facility list does not necessarily mean that a facility has successfully completed an RMI assessment. Please refer to above descriptions on Active and Conformant Facilities.

The current scope of the CMRT and EMRT only cover Eligible facilities that are at the Pinch Point level. For a list of those facilities, please visit the Smelter Reference List webpage.

Changes to Facility Lists

The RMI recognizes that the supply chain is fluid and that facilities’ operational status may change over time.

Due to the eligibility criteria for an RMI assessment, facilities are sometimes removed from the conformant list because they are no longer operational and not because they are non-conformant to the standard. Facilities can be considered conformant for the assessment period, even if they are no longer operational. Facilities that have a “re-audit in progress” are still considered to be RMAP-conformant.

Facilities  that are no longer eligible because of a change in operation are removed from the conformant list in January and July of each year. RMI members should refer to the Facility Database for specific details on removals. 

Facilities that are re-classified to “downstream” due to changes in operations may be eligible for the Downstream Assessment Program. The timing for this determination may not be indicative of the change in companies' operations, but rather when the evidence was obtained and reviewed by the RMI.

For gold only: Refiners that have successfully completed a LBMA or RJC assessment are listed on the Active & Conformant Facility List as part of the RMI's cross-recognition policy. These refiners do not undergo an RMAP assessment, and therefore any inquiries about them should be directed to the respective organizations.