What happens once the onsite audit is completed?

At the conclusion of the onsite RMAP audit, the auditor will create an audit summary report and deliver it to the smelter or refiner (SOR) and the RMAP IRC. The IRC reviews the report and the auditor's testimony to the IRC. Together, the auditor and the IRC review the auditor’s work to agree on the conformance determination for the SOR.

The IRC's audit review process consists of the following steps:

  • The RMAP Audit Manager (APM) distributes the completed audit report and line item summary (LIS) to IRC members for pre-reading
  • IRC members vote on the auditor’s recommendation of the SOR conformance and make a final determination of conformance to the RMAP standard
  • If there are questions about the audit report or auditee’s activities, these will be clarified with the auditor and/or auditee. If needed, the auditee can also join IRC calls to present information or clarify questions.
  • If the SOR is found to be conformant with the RMAP standard, the APM sends a conformance letter and the company will be added to the publically available conformant list.
  • If the SOR is found not to be conformant with the RMAP standard, the APM sends a non-conformance letter. This letter includes findings and if relevant, possible solutions or corrective actions (see post-audit activities).