Why are some of the SORs on my suppliers’ lists not recognized by the CMRT?

The RMI maintains an up-to-date Smelter Reference list. This list contains all SORs that have been validated by the RMI to meet the definition of a smelter, as outlined in the relevant standard. There are several reasons why a supplier may provide SORs not recognized in the CMRT. Examples of reasons include: the company does not process 3TG, the company is upstream or downstream of a smelter, the company has yet to be validated as eligible through RMI’s Smelter Disposition Process or the company is no longer in operation and has been removed from the Smelter Reference List. For a complete list of SORs that have been removed from the Smelter Reference List, check the “revision history” tab in the CMRT. The best way to check on the status of a SOR that is not on the Smelter Reference list is to become a RMI member, which give you access to the complete smelter database.