What is the Smelter Reference List on the CMRT?

The list of SORs in the CMRT is a partial list of SORs that exist globally. The SORs listed on the Smelter Reference List are identified based on the definitions in the RMAP audit standards and determinations made by the RMI’s Smelter Disposition Team. The list is developed and maintained by the RMI based on information received from suppliers in the various industries participating in the RMAP as well as information from metals industry associations and other experts.

A SOR is a company that processes mineral ore, slag, recycled or scrap materials, or any combination thereof into refined metal or metal containing intermediate products. The output can be pure metals, powders, ingots, bars, grains, oxides or salts. Companies listed must also be in operation.

SORs are listed in the CMRT tab called Smelter Reference List.

This list is not exhaustive and it evolves over time as new information becomes available. The Smelter Reference List is updated approximately every other week and is available here. The Revision History tab in the CMRT lists all Smelter Reference List Updates for each CMRT revision.