Auditor Information

The RMI approves auditors to enable them to conduct Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) audits. The auditor approval process is designed to verify that auditors have appropriate experience and expertise, and that there is no conflict of interest when undertaking RMAP audits for smelters. The approval process follows the relevant requirements outlined in ISO 17011, the international standard for accrediting certification/assessment bodies. Please review Audit Firm and Auditor Approval Process for detailed information on RMI requirements.

To become an approved auditing body for RMAP, audit firms must complete the RMAP Audit Firm Approval Application, fill out the Approved Auditor List as well as the Auditor Approval Application for each auditor on the List, and return it to the RMI for consideration (please email us here). Each individual auditor candidacy, nominated by the approved audit firm, is also to be reviewed and approved by the RMI before the auditors are able to conduct RMAP audits.

The Audit Review Committee (ARC) is involved in the review process for each audit firm to ensure impartiality and correct procedures are followed.  The auditor approval process is supported by specific training courses on RMAP’s audit protocols and procedures, in addition to the pre-requisites for relevant audit training and experience. Auditor training courses can be found on the RMI eLearning Academy (free and open to all). Click here to request credentials for the eLearning Academy.

Auditor Training

  • Required Auditor Courses*:
  • RMAP New Training Modules 
    • Module 1: Overview of Revised Standard
    • Module 2: Practical Aspects of Implementation
    • Module 3: OECD Step 1
    • Module 4: Introduction to Auditing Against the Revised Standard
    • Module 5: Risk management for low-risk sources
    • Module 6: Risk management for high-risk sources
    • Module 7: Auditing to the Gold Standard
    • Module 8: Step 5 Reporting & Readiness Test
    • Module 9: Revised Audit Tools
  • RMAP Featured Topics 
    • Featured Topic 1: Introduction to the OECD 5-Steps
    • Featured Topic 2: Tools for Responsible Sourcing from High-Risk Areas
    • Featured Topic 3: Identifying Risks
    • Featured Topic 4: KYC and AML
    • Featured Topic 5: Identifying CAHRAs
  • Other Topics
    • Conflict Minerals Overview
    • Cobalt Auditor Training
    • Joint RMI - LBMA - RJC Auditor Training: Due Diligence of Gold Refiners
    • Upstream Assurance Mechanism Training
      • ITSCI Program Documents
      • Better Sourcing Program & BSP Training Recording 
    • Smelting & Refining 101: Tantalum
    • Smelting & Refining 101: Tin
    • Smelting & Refining 101: Tungsten
    • Smelting & Refining 101: Gold
    • RMAP Document Review

*To be completed online or in-person (if available) before conducting the first audit

  • Recommended Courses
    • Indonesian Supply Document Expectations
    • Vietnam Supply Document Expectations
    • RMAP CAP Training Module
    • RMAP Mass Balance
    • RMAP Line Item Summary

Fully Approved Auditing Firms

Arche Advisors
Scope: International, based in the US 
Auditing RMAP since 2016

SCS Global Services
Scope: International, based in the US 
Auditing RMAP since 2016

Scope: International, based in Switzerland
Auditing RMAP since 2011

Scope: International, based in the US
Auditing RMAP since 2010

Provisionally Approved Auditing Firms (through June 31, 2019)

Scope: International, based in the UK
Auditing RMAP since 2016

*Note: All auditing firms conducting audits in China require additional approval.

The RMI regularly reviews information submitted by auditing firms to assess their continued acceptability to remain on the list of approved auditors.  All approved auditors must undergo re-approval to remain on the list of approved firms every three years. To apply for re-approval, please use the same form as for the initial application.

Any concerns about the RMAP can be raised directly to RMI staff and through the Grievances and Complaints Mechanism page (anonymous feedback option available).