Public Consultation

The RMI is committed to engaging external stakeholders in the development and oversight of the RMI's programs, audit requirements, and guidance documents. The RMI will post any items for public review and comment on this webpage and will discuss these items on its monthly multi-stakeholder call.

Blockchain Guidelines Consultation

In 2018, the RBA's Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) published voluntary guidelines to drive the common adoption of definitions and concepts in the application of blockchain-enabled solutions. The RMI Guidelines represent a first industry effort to define a common set of principles, attributes and definitions for the application of blockchain technology to support mineral supply chain due diligence.

Over the course of 2019, RMI worked with members and Blockchain technology solution providers to review and enhance the guidelines with a particular focus on foundational principles for interoperability.  RMI is pleased to share the draft revised Blockchain Guidelines (Second Edition) for stakeholder review and feedback. Please provide any feedback or concerns on the revised draft guidelines to by March 2, 2020 using the provided feedback log.

The RMI aims to publish the Guidelines (Second Edition) in March 2020. In 2020, RMI will work with organizations to test the implementation of the second edition of the Blockchain Guidelines.

For more information about the RMI's Blockchain activities, please visit this page.