The RMI defines standards for smelters and refiners that participate in the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP). Our standards development process is guided by the ISEAL Standard Setting Code of Good Practice and includes extensive stakeholder consultations to ensure our standards are aligned with regulatory requirements, meet best practice expectations and are of high quality in a way that is verifiable and promotes the RMAP’s credibility and acceptance by our stakeholders.

In addition to the collaboration with industry experts and metal associations, our standards development process includes a public consultation on any major revisions. The RMI works with its multi-stakeholder Standards Advisory Group to review input received from stakeholders.

Each standard is regularly reviewed and updated. Current standards can be accessed here:



Release Date

Effective Date

Responsible Minerals Assurance Process, Tin and Tantalum Standard


12 June 2017
Minor revisions released on 8 June 2019

1 June 2018

Responsible Minerals Assurance Process, Tungsten Standard


1 December 2017
Minor revisions released on 8 June 2019

1 June 2018

Responsible Minerals Assurance Process, Gold Standard


18 December 2017
Minor revisions released on 8 June 2019

1 June 2018

Pilot Cobalt Refiner Due Diligence Standard


22 August 2018
Minor revisions released on 8 June 2019

22 August 2018

ITA-RMI Assessment Criteria for Tin Smelters (not yet implemented)


22 October 2019

1 January 2020

For further information on the RMAP, our Standards, procedures and tools, please visit our RMAP Documents and Tools. For an overview of the main revisions to the RMAP Standards for Tin / Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold and their impact on smelters and refiners, please consult our 2017 Revisions Overview.

RMI Standard Advisory Group

The RMI Standard Setting Group is a multi-stakeholder group of experts that will consider and advise on steps to ensure that the technical aspects and design of the RMI audit system are of high quality and aligned with best practices. The Standard Setting Group provides technical guidance for use in the development and implementation of the RMI’s standards. This group makes recommendations for review by the RMI Steering Committee and currently includes the following members:

  • Andreina Hines: bio forthcoming
  • Catherine Hansen: Since 2016 Catherine has been gaining experience in program managing and auditing against standards such as RMAP, RJC, SRSP, Responsible Source, ARM and Recycled Content. As a former Sustainability Consultant, Catherine has further experience managing FSC and BIFMA LEVEL programs.
  • Carly Oboth: Policy Advisor for Global Witness focusing on responsible sourcing of minerals. She is the lead researcher and main author of “Digging for Transparency,” a joint report with Amnesty International about lessons learned from the first conflict mineral SEC filings.
  • Felix Hruschka: Mining Engineer and Mineral Economist with 25 years of experience related to the Artisanal and Small-scale Mining sector. Based in Austria, he works as independent consultant in Asia, Africa and Latin America and serves as Standards Director of the Alliance for Responsible Mining.
  • Frank Habig: Since 2011 has been a Manager Raw Material Compliance at H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH with several prior years of experience in HSEQ Management Systems. 
  • John Atherton: Director for strategic policy on the responsible provision of minerals and metals and leadership in development and implementation of the ICMM’s Materials Stewardship program.
  • Liz Muller: More than 25 years of compliance program development, auditing and responsible supply chain strategy experience. She helps support multi-stakeholder initiatives develop and implement standards and audit programs, including global protocols and audit tools. She led one of three original global audit firms that conducted audits of smelters under the RMI.
  • Steffen Schmidt: Mining Geologist with 25+ years experience; since 2008 Project Manager / International Mining with Wolfram Bergbau & Hütten AG, a leading tungsten refinery; extensive experience with diverse concentrate supply chains world-wide; responsible for conflict mineral compliance.
  • Warit Choovaree: Procurement Director of Thaisarco, based in Phuket, Thailand, with 22 years experience in the tin industry.
  • Walker Young: bio forthcoming