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Does RMI recognize audits by other organizations?

Yes, the RMAP, LBMA and RJC audit programs cross-recognize each other’s audits:





Common Features: 3rd Party Audit, OECD DDG & SEC compliance


London Bullion Market

Jewellry Supply Chain – Mine to Retail


Audit Outcome:

Continued Good Delivery Accreditation

CoC Certification

Validated SOR list

Mutual Recognition:

RJC CoC and RMAP audits = Responsible Gold Requirement

LBMA and RMAP = conflict-sensitive requirement only.

RJC and LBMA audits = RMAP Conformant

Disclaimer: Fulfilling RMAP requirements only meets the LBMA & RJC conflict-free audit requirements to avoid duplication. There are additional requirements for refiners to achieve LBMA & RJC certification.