Training Program


In-person trainings: These are half- or full-day sessions providing in-depth training on the revised standard. RMI is planning to hold in-person trainings in Asia, US and Europe. Exact locations and dates are to be determined and will be communicated as soon as possible.

Webinar: These will be made live in English in EST, Chinese in Beijing time, and via recording on the e-learning academy. Webinars will focus on specific sections of the revised standard and will seek to provide guidance for smelters on how to translate the revised requirements into practice.

Featured topics: These will be addressed during dedicated calls and mailings for each month to provide a more in-depth discussion of key areas included in the revised tandard. Featured topics will include identifying CAHRAs; OECD 5-steps; risk identification system (focus on FAQ); AML and sanction lists expectations and best practices, and Know Your Counterparty. 

In person-trainings will begin in June 2017 and continue throughout the first half of 2018.  The webinar training schedule for the remainder of 2017 is anticipated to be as follows. For more information, please contact Hillary Amster at


Estimated Delivery Date

Featured Topic 1: Introduction to the OECD 5-Steps

25 July 2017

Featured Topic 2: Tools for Responsible Sourcing from High-Risk Areas

24 August 2017

Webinar 1: Overview of Revised Standard

31 August 2017

Webinar 2: Practical Aspects of Implementation

14 September 2017

Featured Topic 3: Identifying Risks

28 September 2017

Webinar 3: OECD Step 1

5 October 2017

9 October 2017 - China

Webinar 4: Introduction to Auditing Against the Revised Standard

10 October  2017

12 October 2017 - China

Featured Topic 4: KYC and AML

24 October 2017

Webinar 5: Risk management for low risk sources

Available on the website shortly

Webinar 6: Risk management for high risk sources

Available on the website shortly

Webinar 7: Differences between the audit standards

November 2017

Webinar 8: Step 5 Reporting & Readiness Test

November 2017

Featured Topic 5: Identifying CAHRAs

Available on the website December 2017