CFSP Compliant Smelters & Refiners

This list includes the names, locations and links to conflict minerals policies of all smelters or refiners that are compliant with the Conflict-Free Smelter Program assessment protocols. Smelters and refiners with a “re-audit in progress” are still considered to be CFSP compliant. Access and use of any information contained in this list is subject to the Terms and Conditions to which the user has agreed.

Audit Cycle indicates the time period from the last audit date to the next planned re-audit date:

  • 1 Year – Standard audit period for CFSP smelters
  • 3 Year – Audit period for smelters in Risk-Based Audit Program and TI-CMC members

Companies that have been determined by the Conflict-Free Smelter Program to be downstream of a smelter or refiner, and therefore ineligible to participate in the CFSP, may choose to undergo the Downstream Audit Program. Below is a list of companies that were formerly considered smelters, but have since been reclassified, and have participated in the Downstream Audit Program:

  • CID002540 - Plansee SE Liezen
  • CID002556 - Plansee SE Reutte

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Compliant Smelters


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