Does RMI provide financial or technical assistance for CFSP audits?

The Initial Audit Fund is a voluntary program managed by the RMI designed to encourage CFSP-eligible smelters to participate. The Fund offers smelters an incentive for participating in the CFSP by fully paying for the costs of their initial audit. Support for the Fund is provided on a voluntary basis by RMI member companies and is available on a first come, first serve basis until audit funds are depleted.

To be eligible for use of the funds, smelters must first meet the CFSP eligibility requirements. Once determined to be eligible for the audit, the smelter must not have undergone a previous CFSP audit, must have demonstrated its commitment to participating in the CFSP by signing the Auditee Agreement and Agreement for Exchange of Confidential Information, and must have submitted the Pre-Audit Checklist and Line Item Summary to RMI staff in a timely manner. The Fund can be applied to multiple facilities under a single smelter so long as it is each facility’s first audit. Furthermore, in order to encourage CFSP participation among as many companies as possible, each smelter only is eligible for one incentive for each metal for which it is undergoing the audit.